Maria Francesca Bonadonna

foto,  October 1, 2018
Temporary Assistant Professor
Academic sector
Palazzo di Lettere,  Floor Primo,  Room 1.08
+39 045802 8663
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Maria Francesca Bonadonna holds a Ph.D. in Language Studies.
Her interests concern three main areas of French Linguistics: terminology, specialized lexicography and French language teaching. In the domain of terminology, she has conducted diachronic and synchronic studies in the fields of fashion and energy, taking part in international projects.
In 2016 she received the award "Laboratorio" awarded by the Società Universitaria per gli Studi di Lingua e Letteratura Francese, for the re-working of her doctoral thesis. 
Topic Description Research area
Teaching methodology of L2 French The structured teaching of L2 French lexicon.The teaching of L2 French lexicon in Quebec.CLIL methodology for French. French language and linguistics
Teaching Methods – Unterrichtsmethoden
Special lexicography The description of the French sports vocabulary.The definition of fencing techniques. French language and linguistics
Lexicology and Lexicography – Lexikologie und Lexikographie
Neology Study of neologisms in contemporary French, especially in sports, trade and tourism. French language and linguistics
French terminology The lexicon of international trade. The lexical creation in the field of cryptocurrency.The terminology of fashion: diachronic and synchronic studies.Metaphor in fashion magazines. Metonymy in the formation of terms of clothing.Adjective in the terminology of renewable energies.The vocabulary of electricity since the eighteenth century.Energy glossaries. French language and linguistics
Lexicology and Lexicography – Lexikologie und Lexikographie
Title Starting date
Aspetti terminologici del francese del commercio internazionale 11/30/19
Il plurilinguismo nelle aziende dell’area veronese: un volano per l’internazionalizzazione 6/1/19
Progetto di eccellenza: Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere 1/1/18
Ricerca terminologica in sincronia e diacronia sul lessico specialistico francese-italiano del commercio 10/1/17
Le banche dati lessicografiche e l’insegnamento strutturato del lessico in francese L2 11/1/16
L’aggettivo in francese: studi e applicazioni nell’ambito delle energie rinnovabili 11/1/15
Strumenti lessicografici per la descrizione del lessico sportivo francese 10/1/14