Italian Literature II (2008/2009)

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Course code
Name of lecturer
Gian Paolo Marchi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
I semestre dal Oct 1, 2008 al Jan 17, 2009.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The main aim of the course is to deepen the poetic choices and the printing history of eighteen century writer, through the analysis of a representative work


Printing history of Verga’s novels.

GIOVANNI VERGA, Novelle, by Francesco Spera, introduzione di V. Consolo, Milano, Feltrinelli, 2002.

GIACOMO DEBENEDETTI, Verga narratore senza “conversione”, in ID., Verga e il naturalismo. Quaderni inediti, Milano, Garzanti, 1976, pp. 379-426.
GIAN PAOLO MARCHI, Per un saggio su Giovanni Verga, Verona, Libreria Universitaria editrice, 2002.
GIAN PAOLO MARCHI, Salgari e Davillier: una scheda per «Cavalleria rusticana» di Giovanni Verga, in ID., La spada di sambuco. Cinque percorsi salgariani, Verona, Fiorini, 2000, pp. 1-24.
EDUARDO SACCONE, I mondi di Verga: l’ossimoro di «Cavalleria Rusticana», «MLN», 117, 1, gennaio 2002, pp. 106-114.
GINO TELLINI, in ID., L’invenzione della realtà. Studi verghiani, Pisa, Nistri-Lischi, 1993.

Suggested reading: GIOVANNI VERGA, Novelle, by Gino Tellini, Roma, Salerno, 1980.

Assessment methods and criteria

The oral examination will check the knowledge of literary history and will particularly test the reading and analysis of texts. At the end of the course a precise indication of the texts which must be studied, with a list of questions which can be asked during the examination will be given to the students.

Teaching aids