The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures promotes research, education and diffusion of knowledge in foreign languages and literatures, particularly Chinese, French, English, German, Russian and Spanish as well as Brazilian Portuguese and Catalan.
The Department is characterised by its high level of interdisciplinarity and international outlook in both teaching and research. Students are encouraged to participate in international mobility programmes and can also take specialised courses in commerce, tourism, publishing and teaching.
Students may also pursue higher academic studies through the PhDs offered by the department.


The Department encourages connections between university and the world of teachers by consolidating research in lifelong learning and Teaching Education and offering professional programmes for (future) teachers of different levels and categories.
The Department shares the fruits of its higher education and research locally, nationally and internationally by organising conferences and seminars and encouraging academic collaborations with local, Italian and foreign institutions and companies.


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Anno di riferimento: 2023.