Russian Literature I (2017/2018)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

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Sara Paolini
Sara Paolini
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Semester 1 dal Oct 2, 2017 al Jan 20, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at providing the student with the tools to understand some of the most important phases of the development of the 19th century Russian Literature, with particular attention to the historical and cultural contextualization.
At the end of the course the student must have acquired the basic skills necessary to analyse a literary text. They must also be in possession of the fundamentals of the 18th-19th centuries Russian geography, history and culture.


The course will include an overview of the main 19th century Russian historical, cultural and literary phenomenons. It consists of three parts:
1) an introduction to ( the) Russian culture and a description of the historical framework (XVIII and XIX century with some incursions into (the) ancient history)
2) a presentation of the main phases of the development of Russian literature in the late 18th and in the 19th century (the emphasis will be on its original dynamics)
3) the thematic itinerary "The city, the countryside, Russia, Europe, the journey: an introduction to (the) Russian literature through the categories of space and movement", aimed at deepening some of the authors and the most significant works of the period considered. A narratological analysis of the texts will be conducted using the main critical methodologies.


a) Literary works
- A. PUŠKIN, I racconti di Belkin
- N. GOGOL', La prospettiva Nevskij; Il revisore
- I. GONČAROV, Oblomov
- F. DOSTOEVSKIJ, Delitto e castigo
- L. TOLSTOJ, Anna Karenina
- A. ČECHOV, La voglia di dormire; Il giardino dei ciliegi

b) General references:
- M. Colucci e R. Picchio (a cura di), Storia della civiltà letteraria russa, Torino, UTET 1997 (the chapters will be selected by the teacher)
- R.P. Bartlett, Storia della Russia, Milano, Mondadori, 2007
- V. Šklovskij, L'arte come procedimento e B. Tomaševskij, La costruzione dell'intreccio, in AA.VV., I formalisti russi, Torino, Einaudi, 1968

During the course indications about further critical material to be consulted will be provided. Students will have to register in the e-learning page of the course.

Teaching methods: frontal classes. The classes will include both an overview of Russian History and Literature and the analysis of excerpts from the literary works in the programme

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
AA.VV. I formalisti russi Einaudi 1968 Solo i capitoli: V. Šklovskij, L'arte come procedimento e B. Tomaševskij, La costruzione dell'intreccio
M. Colucci e R. Picchio (a cura di) Storia della civiltà letteraria russa UTET 1997 I capitoli relativi agli autori trattati ed eventualmente altri su indicazione della docente.
R.P. Bartlett Storia della Russia Mondadori 2007

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam in itinere about Russian History.
Final oral exam.

The evaluation will consider the following aspects:
- the possession of the historical, cultural and literary notions dealt with during the course and in-depht examined autonomously using the recommended texts
- the ability to make a critical analysis of the literary works with particular attention to the quality of personal rework
- the ability to orient oneself in the different areas of Russian History and Literature
- the autonomy in organizing the speech and a proper use of the language.

This oral exam cannot be taken before passing Saperi Minimi.