English III - Lezioni (2008/2009)

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Roberto Cagliero
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II semestre dal Mar 2, 2009 al May 30, 2009.

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Lesson timetable

II semestre
Day Time Type Place Note
Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall 2.6  
Thursday 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM lesson Lecture Hall T.6  

Learning outcomes

This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of translation from English


Reading and analysis of essays in the tradition of Translation Studies. Analysis of film dialogues in their English original and in the Italian translation.


a) Criticism:
Bertazzoli, R. La traduzione. Teorie e metodi. Roma, Carocci 2006
Cagliero R. e C. Spallino, Dizionario di slang americano, Milano, Mondadori 2007 (1000 lemmi)
Gambier Y., H. Gottlieb (eds.), Multimedia translation : concepts, practices, and research, Philadelphia, John Benjamins 2001 (in particolare J.D. Cintas, “Striving for Quality in Subtitling: The Role of a Good Dialogue List”, pp. 199-211; A. Jäckel, “Shooting in English? Myth or Necessity?” pp. 73-89)
Paolicelli, M. e Di Fortunato E., Tradurre per il doppiaggio. La trasposizione linguistica dell'audiovisivo: teoria e pratica di un'arte imperfetta, Milano Hoepli 2005
Pavese M., La traduzione filmica. Aspetti del parlato doppiato dall’inglese all’italiano, Roma, Carocci 2006
"Introduction: Proust's Grandmother and the Thousand and One Nights" in Susan Bassnett and André Lefevere (edd.), Translation, History, and Culture. London, New York: Pinter Publishers, 1990
Ulrych M. e Simona Anselmi, “La traduttologia” in Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata, anno XXXVII, 2008, I, pp. 259-78
Wachal R. S., “Taboo or not Taboo: That is the Question”, American Speech, 77, n.2, Summer 2002, pp. 195-201

b) Selected dialogues from:
Spike Lee, Do the Right thing, Get on the bus, He got game
Wayne Wang, Smoke
Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas
Ethan e Joel Coen, The Big Lebowski

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam.
Level 5 (ALTE 4), C1 (Council of Europe)