German Literature I [Turismo] (2007/2008)

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Peter Erwin Kofler
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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II semestre dal Feb 18, 2008 al May 31, 2008.

Lesson timetable

II semestre
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall 2.4 from Feb 18, 2008  to Apr 12, 2008
Tuesday 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM lesson Lecture Hall 2.5 from Feb 18, 2008  to Apr 12, 2008

Learning outcomes

The course aims at examining German literature of the 20th century. Along with the social, political and cultural backdrop of this century, some representative texts – novels, drama and lyrics - will be analyzed.


- Th. Mann, La morte a Venezia, (Turin: Einaudi, 2004).
- A. Schnitzler, La signorina Else, (Newton & Compton, Città: 2005).
- B. Brecht, L’opera da tre soldi, original text included, (Turin: Einaudi, 2005).
- A. Reininger, Profilo storico della letteratura tedesca, (Turin: Rosenberg & Sellier anno?)
- A poem selection will be available in photocopies.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam