Internationalisation is one of the main priorities of the Department of Foreign languages and Literatures. We work on Internationalisation from three main platforms:
  • Through the Erasmus+ Programme Exchanges, we have more than 100 Partner Universities around and beyond Europe. The Department sends, each year, around 290 of our students abroad.
  • We also send Students Worldwide, to the USA, to Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and China.
  • With our current PhD Programme in Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (along with the previous PhD programmes in English Studies and PhD in Foreign Literatures and Literary Studies) we have activated research exchanges with all the Universities with which we already work on Teaching Staff Exchange and Students Exchange Programmes. This constant attention to in- & out- research channels renders our Doctoral School extremely active and performative.
  • We are currently working on double degree programmes with foreign universities, which will allow those Students who want to pursue this objective to have two full titles: the Italian one and the one from the foreign partner university. This means more open doors in job and/or research beyond Italy!