Bachelor's degrees

Current year courses

Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures
The Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures offers students the possibility to achieve high proficiency in at least two foreign languages (C1). In addition, proficiency in a third foreign language is targeted at B1 level. The programme will focus on the study of literature and linguistics in each of the two major languages. Other core subjects include: Italian literature, History and Geography. There are three areas of specialization within the programme (linguistic-didactic, artistic and literary) allowing the students to acquire specific insight in one of these branches. The Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literatures prepares students for employment opportunities in the areas of language consultancy (e.g. for Departments of Arts and cultural institutions), translation (e.g. translators of literary texts, translators of multimedia texts) and cultural services (e.g. librarians and archivists). The programme is also targeted at future teacher trainees. Other possible work opportunities include the following: linguists, philologists, professors of literary studies/art history/history/philosophy/pedagogy/psychology, foreign language instructors, and museum employees. 
Bachelor's degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism and International Commerce
The Bachelor's degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism and International Commerce aims to provide linguistic and cultural study in two foreign languages as well as in Italian, combined with an awareness of entrepreneurial organisations. The degree programme aims to open professional opportunities for graduates in positions that require skills such as:
• dealing effectively and creatively with interpersonal, commercial and managerial relations within a predominantly international framework;
• knowing how to handle texts concerning tourism exchanges and other commercial operations in the chosen foreign languages as well as in Italian;
• innovatively and proactively interpreting and managing a variety of situations connected to tourism and international exchanges.
Graduates may also go on to pursue a postgraduate qualification, for example class 38, which will be activated by the faculty (Foreign Languages for Communication in Tourism and Commerce).
Languages and literatures for publishing and digital media

Courses not currently running

Bachelor's degree in Languages and Cultures for Publishing Course partially running (all years except the first)
This Bachelor's degree introduces book publishing in terms of its material aspects, the history of its technical evolution from manuscript to hypertext and the dynamics of its production and circulation, through seminal developments in the history of publishing. The programme aims to produce graduates who are capable of entering the workforce immediately, whether in publishing houses, translation agencies or typography agencies. Graduates may also find work as graphic publishing or editing experts. Openings in the world of high-end luxury publishing are also foreseen. The Bachelor's degree offers opportunities to take part in Level I Master's courses and gain work experience in qualified companies. Graduates of the programme will also be able to pursue postgraduate studies, for example the Master's degree in Publishing and Journalism (a joint programme with the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy).
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