Master's degree in Linguistics

Course partially running (all years except the first)


The Master's degree in Linguistics aims to prepare graduates capable of making the most of metalinguistic analysis in teaching, in research and in its application concerning socially relevant linguistic issues such as, for example: language pathologies, linguistic integration of immigrants, and analytical assessment of linguistic documents. These objectives will be achieved by way of: a) in-depth study of advanced and up-to-date linguistic theories and methodologies that are integrated with a general knowledge of epistemology and psychology, b) the application of these theories to specific linguistic problems in Italy as well as other European Union countries. With this goal in mind, the post-graduate course guarantees the acquisition of at least on European language other than Italian at an upper-intermediate level.


In the academic year 2014/2015 most courses will be held in English, and those dealing with other languages will be held in their respective languages (e.g., German linguistics will be held in German). For further information, see the programme of each separate course.

Course details

Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-39 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in linguistica
Controlling body
Collegio Didattico di Linguistics
Reference Department
Culture and Civilisation
Other Departments
Foreign Languages and Literatures
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Disciplinary area
Literature, Arts and Communication Studies