Cultural Studies: Colonialism/Colonial Discourse

Annalisa Pes
Associate Professor
Carla Sassi
Associate Professor
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Caribbean Scottish Relations Carla Sassi
A remapping of colonial history focused on the often paradoxical complexity of relations determined by imperial power. It accounts for the "difference" that separates Scotland from the Caribbean — what sets “Blackness” apart from “Scottishness”, but it also brings these two geopolitical areas and ethnic groups together. The inquiry results in a multi-vocal discourse that deconstructs national narratives, unveils colonial inscriptions, and releases the creolised images and words that demand full citizenship in the representation of the Circum-Atlantic.
Colonial literature Annalisa Pes
Study of colonial literature in English, especially as related to the construction of colonial discourse and to the representation of Otherness.
Historiography and Literature Carla Sassi


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