Elisa Sartor

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Temporary Assistant Professor
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Elisa Sartor is a fixed-term Researcher in the field of Language and Translation – Spanish (L-LIN/07). She specializes in:
- Diachronic lexicology and lexicography through textual corpora, digital libraries and other electronic resources;
- Translation of literary texts;
- Use of ICT in Spanish language teaching.
She is currently working on DIACOM and OccOr, which are part of the project “Le digital humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere” of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. 


Modules running in the period selected: 14.
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Research groups

El léxico del español en su historia (LEHist) Lexicon of Spanish language in its history (LEHist)
The Research group focuses on the evolution of Spanish lexicon, with special attention paid to technical and scientific terminology. Its main lines of research are: 1) lexicological and lexicographical analysis of textual corpora, including a contrastive and multilingual approach; 2) analysis of the intercultural and interlinguistic relationships that throughout the centuries have contributed to the development of Spanish lexicon by means of language interference and contact phenomena, i.e. loanwords, calque and semantic calque.
All’interno della rete internazionale di gruppi di ricerca GNOME (https://www.gr-gnome.eu/) coordinata dall’Università di Roma La Sapienza, il gruppo Gnome-UniVr svolge la propria attività di ricerca nell'ambito della fraseologia dello spagnolo con particolare attenzione per la sua dimensione diacronica e per la fraseografia bilingue.
Traducciones científicas y técnicas de interés hispánico (TraCTIH) Scientific and technical translations of Hispanic domain (TraCTIH)
The Research group focuses on scientific and technical texts translated to and from Spanish during the Modern Age. The main research lines include: 1) macro- and microtextual analysis of source texts and their translations, taking into consideration secondary aspects such as the social and cultural context as well as the status of the translator; 2) the analysis of Spanish technical and scientific terminology, also in relation to other European languages.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
ICT in Spanish language acquisition and teachers training ICT-enhanced acquisition of Spanish as a second language and teachers training in the field of didactic application of ICT. Research has been implemented thanks to a post-doc grant awarded by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Università degli Studi di Verona) under the scientific supervision of prof. Francesca Dalle Pezze, SSD L/LIN-07. Spanish language and linguistics
Spanish Language
Spanish lexicography and lexicology Diachronic lexicology and lexicography of Spanish language, with a focus on natural sciences, medicine, physics, geography, explorations and ethnography (16th-19th century). Spanish language and linguistics
Lexicografía y lexicología
Spanish corpus linguistics Analysis of Spanish linguistic data thanks to textual databases and corpora. Spanish language and linguistics
Spanish Corpus Linguistics
Translation and history of translation History of translation and comparative analysis of original texts and their translations. Analysis of the circulation of translations of scientific texts originally written in Spanish (both in European and American areas). It aims at building conceptual maps with potential interactive developments in order to account for the international networks that originated thanks to the dissemination of translated texts. Spanish language and linguistics
Spanish Traduccion
Title Starting date
El discurso repetido: análisis cognitivo, contrastivo, traductivo e histórico-cultural de las unidades fraseológicas 1/1/17
Traducción y circulación internacional de los textos técnico-científicos hispánicos 10/1/16
Lexicografía y lexicología diacrónicas 1/1/13
La presenza animale nella poesia e nel teatro del Novecento spagnolo 1/1/13
La metafora lessicalizzata: meccanismo linguistico e cognitivo e processi traduttivi 10/1/12