Gabriella Pelloni

foto,  February 21, 2014
Temporary Assistant Professor
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Palazzo di Lingue,  Floor terra,  Room T.09
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Office Hours

Thursday, Hours 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM,  


I am specialised in German and Austrian Literature with a focus on twentieth century cultural and literary processes. My research focuses on the following thematic/theoretical clusters: intersection between literary representation and philosophical and psychological studies (with particular reference to Nietzsche's work and its influence on 20th century culture); german-jewish culture; Ingeborg Bachmann's work; intercultural and migration literature. 



Modules running in the period selected: 15.
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Research groups

Migrations in 20th-21st century Europe
International Nietzsche Research Group
New research on Nietzsche's work beyond traditional demarcations between philosophy and literature
"Salzburger Bachmann Edition"
Collaboration to the critical edition of Ingeborg Bachmann's work
Topic Description Research area
Contemporary migration literature Contemporary texts written in German by migrant writers German and Austrian literature
German literature: Literary history and criticism
Modern Austrian and Middle-European Literature 20th Century Austrian and Middle European Literature, in particular the work of Arthur Schnitzler, Joseph Roth, Franz Kafka, Rainer Maria Rilke and Ingeborg Bachmann German and Austrian literature
German literature: Literary history and criticism
Modern German literature German Literature of 20th and 21st Century German and Austrian literature
German literature: Literary history and criticism
Nietzscheforschung Friedrich Nietzsche's thought - Intersections between philosophy, psychology and poetics German and Austrian literature
German literature: Individual authors or works
Title Starting date
Karl Wolfskehl - Jude, Christ und Wuestensohn 1/1/19
Nietzsche e Aby Warburg 7/1/18
Nietzsche's Library 4/1/18
Heine e Nietzsche: una lettura comparata 1/1/18
Progetto di eccellenza: Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere 1/1/18
Tendenze della lirica contemporanea di lingua tedesca 1/1/17
Giuseppe Voltiggi, Lettere viennesi 12/1/16
L'est nell'ovest 6/1/16
Nietzsches Poetik und die Folgen 1/1/16
Letteratura e cura di sè 1/1/16
Sogno e letteratura 1/1/16
Il caso Dreyfus e le sue ripercussioni storiche e letterarie 1/1/16
Bachmann Ingeborg: analisi del lascito edizione critica 1/1/15
Storia della critica tedesca 1/1/15
La letteratura della migrazione in Germania 9/1/14
Monika Rinck: traduzione e commento dell'opera poetica e saggistica 4/1/13
La letteratura di migrazione nella cultura Europea contemporanea 3/1/13
Il lascito di Ingeborg Bachmann: documenti inediti 1/1/13
La memoria della letteratura sull’esempio di Così parlò Zarathustra di Friedrich Nietzsche 1/1/13
La malattia nella letteratura tedesca 5/30/10