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The research group on Chinese Language and Literature is involved in philological, literary and linguistic studies on premodern and modern Chinese language and literature. Researches apply different methodological approaches, from the fields of philology, linguistics, narratology, translation studies and literary criticism, in order to provide deep critical understanding of original textual sources in relation to formal aspects, rhetorical and stylistic dimensions and themes. The group’s main research areas are: premodern narrative in literary language; premodern vernacular narrative; commentarial literature; premodern poetry; intralingual and interlingual rewriting and translation practices; Chinese as a foreign language.
Barbara Bisetto
Associate Professor
Sara D'Attoma
Temporary Professor
Michele Mannoni
Temporary Assistant Professor
Topic People Description
Ancient Chinese Language standard compliant  BSO
Chinese philology and premodern commentarial literature Barbara Bisetto
Studies on premodern exegetical tradition and commentarial literature
Chinese Language standard compliant  BSO
Chinese Corpus Linguistics Barbara Bisetto
Sara D'Attoma
Michele Mannoni
Language studies by means of corpus linguistics.
Chinese Legal Linguistics Barbara Bisetto
Sara D'Attoma
Michele Mannoni
Forensic Linguistics.
Chinese Translation Studies Barbara Bisetto
Michele Mannoni
Translation Studies in different areas of the Chinese language, including legal language
Intralingual and interlingual rewriting and translation Barbara Bisetto
Studies on forms and practices of intralingual and interlingual rewriting and translation in Chinese literature
Chinese Literature standard compliant 
Premodern Chinese vernacular narrative Barbara Bisetto
Thematic and linguistic studies on premodern Chinese vernacular narrative tradition from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties
Premodern Chinese narrative in literary language Barbara Bisetto
Thematic and linguistic analysis and translation of narrative works in literary language from the imperial period.
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
La cultura pietrificata: Il culto del monumento nella cultura russa contemporanea Stefano Aloe 4/25/18 24
Progetto di eccellenza: Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere Paolo Frassi MIUR 1/1/18 60


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