Slavic philology

The Slavic studies group is involved in philological research, especially the history of Slavic philology in Italy (it is linked to the Slavic History Commission of the International Committee of Slavists), the history of the Russian and Ukrainian languages, the influence of Latin culture in Ukraine in the 16th-17th centuries, comparative analysis of ancient Russian and Russian texts, archival research and editions of unpublished books from different eras, from the modern age to the 20th century. Methodologies include philological and textual research, poetry studies, and historical, critical, literary and linguistic research to understand of the thematic, figurative and formal dimensions of texts in a critical way. Comparative and culturological approaches are also used.
Stefano Aloe
Associate Professor
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SLAVONIC PHILOLOGY - Slavonic Philology standard compliant  BSO
Italian-Slavic relationships in the second half of 19th century Stefano Aloe
Studies on scientific, philological, literary and cultural relationships between Italy and the Slavic world in the period preceding the growth of Italian Slavistics


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