English language and linguistics

This research area focusses on the metalinguistic analysis of the English language both synchronically and diachronically, with reference to its morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and translational aspects. The fields of study favoured by the Department are: Media discourse, political discourse, World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, English as a foreign language, lexicography and lexicology of English for Specific/Specialised Purposes. These research topics are developed from different methodological perspectives, with special reference to Corpus linguistics, Teaching approaches, Cognitive linguistics, and Multimodal-multisemiotic approaches.
Paola Maria Caleffi
Temporary Professor
Sara Corrizzato
Research Scholarship Holders
Marta Degani
Associate Professor
Roberta Facchinetti
Full Professor
Valerio Fidenzi
PhD student
Valeria Franceschi
Temporary Assistant Professor
Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Assistant Professor
Paola Vettorel
Assistant Professor
Anna Zanfei
Associate Professor
Topic People Description ISI-CRUI
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Contemporary English standard compliant  BSO
English as a Lingua Franca Paola Maria Caleffi
Roberta Facchinetti
Valeria Franceschi
Paola Vettorel
English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) research deals with English when used by speakers of different linguacultures to communicate in international contexts, in a variety of domains from business to academia and digital media. ELF research investigates the processes through which communication is carried out in these contexts, as well as implications for language teaching (ELT) and teacher education. Language & Linguistics
English Language Teaching (ELT) Paola Maria Caleffi
Sara Corrizzato
Roberta Facchinetti
Valeria Franceschi
Paola Vettorel
The ELT field of research deals with the theory and practice of teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (EFL/ESL)
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English Corpus Linguistics standard compliant  BSO
English Corpus Linguistics Paola Maria Caleffi
Sara Corrizzato
Marta Degani
Roberta Facchinetti
Valerio Fidenzi
Valeria Franceschi
Paola Vettorel
Corpus linguistics is the study of language as expressed in collections of "real world" texts. English Corpus linguistics may focus either on historical databases (diachronic corpora) or on Present-day English texts (sychronic corpora). Corpus linguistics also studies how one language relates to and with another language, by means of parallel/comparable corpora, which are are automatically derived from source texts.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English Discourse Analysis and Text Linguistics standard compliant  BSO
Political Discourse Marta Degani
Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Analysis of Political Discourse and Political Oratory
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Roberta Facchinetti
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) deals with the study of the English language in such research fields as, for example, Business English, English for Tourism, Academic English, English for medical professionals, and English for Art Purposes.
Multimodal discourse and texts analysis Anna Zanfei
Multimodal analysis of spontaneous conversations in corpora, staged conversations in TV journalism, on line travel journalism, in graphic novels and in theatrical plays. Language & Linguistics
Multimodal Linguistics Anna Zanfei
Multimodal Discourse Analysis and promotional textual genres Language & Linguistics
Multimodal texts analysis/multimodal persuasion Anna Zanfei
Analisi di testi multimodali per il giornalismo promozionale del turismo; analisi di spot televisivi britannici promozionali; analisi di legittimazione ideologica nei testi multimodali in formato digitale o video o anche su cartaceo Language & Linguistics
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English Language standard compliant  BSO
History of the English language Roberta Facchinetti
Valerio Fidenzi
Analysis of the development of the English language through the centuries, from the beginning to the present day. Language & Linguistics
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English language: cultural Studies and Mentalities standard compliant  BSO
Language and Media between information and ideology Paola Maria Caleffi
Roberta Facchinetti
Valerio Fidenzi
This research field focuses on the language of the Media, with special attention to newsreporting and to the newsmaking process. It covers both online and off-line, both mainstream and unmediated media. The topic delves into semantics, and semiotics, pragmatics and stylistics, bearing in mind cultural and ideological backgrounds. Language & Linguistics
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English Linguistics Areas Metaphor standard compliant  BSO
Metaphor and Cognitive Linguistics Marta Degani
Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Figurative language investigated according to the theoretical model of Cognitive Linguistics
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Grammar and Syntax – Grammatik und Syntax standard compliant  BSO
Syntax-Semantics Interface Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Studies of English syntactic constructions that present degrees of idiomaticity and are idiosyncratic at the syntax-semantics interface.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Lexicology and Lexicography standard compliant  BSO
Translation Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Translation and contrastive analysis
Gruppi di ricerca
Name Description URL
Gruppo di studi linguistico-culturali anglofoni
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Analisi teorico-applicative di linguaggi letterari nel contesto neozelandese Marta Degani 10/1/05 12
Aspects of Style in Newspaper Discourse Roberta Facchinetti 10/1/05 24
CCWE (Culture and Cognition in World Englishes) Marta Degani 11/20/15 36
Communication Strategies and effective communication in ELF contexts Paola Vettorel 10/1/16 36
Comunicazione verbale e multimodalita' nel fumetto anglofono Anna Zanfei 7/1/05 36
Contrastive Linguistics, ESP and translation Maria Ivana Lorenzetti 9/1/14 48
Culture and Ideology in Newspaper Discourse Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/07 24
Digital Annotations and Digital Discourse Anna Zanfei 10/1/15 30
Digital media and news-related media Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/12 48
Discourse, ideology , identity and legal English Anna Zanfei 10/1/14 24
English and French linguistic identities in 21st century Europe: contacts and contaminations between rules and use Roberta Facchinetti 9/22/09 24
English Verbal Modality: diachronic and synchronic features Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/04 12
Exploring American political discourse: from classical rhetoric to conceptual metaphor theory Marta Degani 10/1/11 36
From General to Academic English language programmes at University Roberta Facchinetti 3/1/15 36
Giornate particolari: il genere diaristico Bianca Grazia Tarozzi 9/1/05 24
Grammatical Constructions at the Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface Maria Ivana Lorenzetti 9/1/13 24
History of newsreporting Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/15 48
Ideologia e Lingua Inglese tra vecchi e nuovi media Anna Zanfei 9/1/13 36
Il lessico inglese tra identità culturali e generi testuali (2007) Roberta Facchinetti Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca 1/1/07 24
The image of Verona in the world Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/09 24
Inglese applicato alle nuove tecnologie Roberta Facchinetti 1/1/08 36
Inglese come Lingua Franca (ELF): caratteristiche e contesti d’uso - ELF and digital media Paola Vettorel 10/1/12 36
Inglese come Lingua Franca (ELF): caratteristiche e contesti d'uso, possibili implicazioni in ambito glottodidattico Paola Vettorel 10/1/10 12
Inglese come Lingua Franca (ELF): implicazioni in ambito glottodidattico Paola Vettorel 10/1/12 40
Inglese come Lingua Franca (ELF), inglese come Lingua Internazionale (EIL): caratteristiche e contesti d'uso, possibili in ambito glottodidattico Paola Vettorel 10/1/09 12
Inglese come Lingua Franca (ELF), inglese come Lingua Internazionale (EIL) e glottodidattica Paola Vettorel 10/1/08 12
Investigating lexical and semantic features of Maori English Marta Degani 10/1/10 63
La dimensione linguistica delle leggi italiane in materia di arbitrato internazionale tra specificità locale e interculturalità (2002) Roberta Facchinetti Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca 1/1/02 24
La lingua della comunicazione turistica in Internet Rosa Maria Rodriguez Abella 3/1/13 46
La presenza della lingua inglese nel linguistic landscape Paola Vettorel 10/1/12 36
Le varietà dell’inglese in Oceania: il caso del neozelandese Marta Degani 10/1/07 36
Multimodal Linguistics in pseudo-dialogic texts Anna Zanfei 10/1/12 12
Panorami nell'apprendimento dell'Inglese come Lingua Straniera Paola Vettorel 11/1/06 12
Spazi di conoscenza per la lingua inglese – strutture di abilità grammaticali Anna Zanfei 9/1/02 36
Spazi di conoscenza per la lingua inglese – strutture di abilità grammaticali (continuazione, anno 2002) Anna Zanfei 9/1/02 36
The Analysis of Political Discourse Maria Ivana Lorenzetti 9/1/12 90
The English language as a bridge between the East and the West Roberta Facchinetti 7/1/18 60
The linguistic complexity of English for international marketing, commerce and tourism Anna Zanfei 2/1/18 30
Verona in society and around the world Roberta Facchinetti Provincia di Verona 10/1/09 36
WE, ELF e pratiche didattiche Paola Vettorel 1/1/15 36


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