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The area of English literature deals with research and teaching activities in the fields of English and Anglophone cultures and literatures, with a focus both on Great Britain and the other English-speaking countries, as well as on post-colonial diaspora, from the Middle-Ages to the contemporary period. The main research topics studied by the English-literature area are: Law and Literature, Diaspora Studies, Ecocriticism, Aesthetics and Literature, Fashion Studies, Film Studies, Gender studies, Scottish literature, Colonial and Post-colonial literature and theory, Literature and Science, Performance Studies, Visual Rhetoric, History of Theatre, Historiography and Literature, Memory Studies, Trauma Studies, Human rights. Such studies are carried out through different theoretical approaches and critical methodologies (philology, stylistics, textual analysis, historico-cultural, interdisciplinary, etc.), with a particular focus on critical approaches that analyse texts and their thematic, figurative, rhetorical and interdisciplinary aspects.  
Valentina Adami
Research Scholarship Holders
Chiara Battisti
Associate Professor
Yvonne Bezrucka
Associate Professor
Silvia Bigliazzi
Full Professor
Lisanna Calvi
Assistant Professor
Daniela Carpi
Full Professor
Sidia Fiorato
Assistant Professor
Annalisa Pes
Assistant Professor
Angelo Righetti
Teaching Assistant
Carla Sassi
Associate Professor
Susanna Zinato
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ENGLISH LITERATURE - 1830-1880 standard compliant  BSO
luoghi e identità Yvonne Bezrucka
ENGLISH LITERATURE - ARTS standard compliant  BSO
Early Modern English Theatre Silvia Bigliazzi
English Renaissance drama, from the Elizabethan to the Caroline age, with a focus upon textual transmission and the cultural and performative traditions within the European context.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Crime standard compliant  BSO
Contemporary detective fiction Sidia Fiorato
In contemporary English literature, detective fiction develops according to two main trends which lead to a renewed expression of the founding tenets of the genre: the legal thriller, which posits at the centre of the investigation a specific aspect of the legal system of the society under consideration, and a psychoanalytic approach to criminality which underlines the dualism between the detective and the criminal. Numerous contemporary novels present a fusion between the two trends thus opening new perspectives on the social and individual investigation.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Critical Theory & Poetics standard compliant  BSO
Law and the Body Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
The body is the focus of the social, legal, and cultural imagination and the privileged metaphor for specific cultural discourses and political practices. The Renaissance literature particularly echoes these topics.
Ecocriticism and British Literature/culture Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Carla Sassi
Ecocriticism deals with the ecological approach to literary studies. It aims at bringing a transformation of literary studies by linking literary criticism and theory with the ecological issues at large. Ecocriticism is directly concerned with both nature (natural landscape) and the environment (landscape both natural and urban)as described in literary texts .
English Literature, Colonial & Postcolonial Literature in English, Apartheid- and Post-apartheid South African Literature in English; Susanna Zinato
Starting from a diacronic view respectful of the phenomenology of literary history, in which one can safely place the analysis focused on the specificities of the literary language of the text being studied and of the contextual dynamics underlying its production, the general area of competence of Susanna Zinato is English Literature and Colonial& Postcolonial Literature in English, with a special interest in Apartheid- and Post-Apartheid South African literature in English.Her programmatically hermeneuticala and strongly textual approach relies on the tools provided by rhetoric and literary theory, as well as by contextual(cultural, historical, political) studies in general, and, more particularly, by Postcolonial Studies when dealing with Anglophone literatures.
Equity: literary and juridical intersections Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
Carla Sassi
Equity is a protean concept that covers the fields of law, philosophy of law, and morality. In the history of human ideas the problem of equity has been inseparable from that of justice. This theme is re-echoed throughout English literature in particular in Shakespeare's plays.
Estetica e letteratura Yvonne Bezrucka
J.M. Coetzee Susanna Zinato
Da definire
Postcolonial literature Annalisa Pes
Postcolonial theories and studies
Madness in postcolonial fiction in English Annalisa Pes
Susanna Zinato
A study of the postcolonial narrative in English having madness as its thematic core. When perceived through the experience of madness, the alienation and psychopathology always entailed in the the ideology and practice of colonialism is magnified and charged with a destabilizing force of questioning that lays bare political, as well as existential and moral, urgencies
Rhetoric and libertinism in the theatre and culture of Restoration England Susanna Zinato
A study of the links between rhetoric, theatre, and libertine culture in England,in the second half of the seventeenth century.
Shame in colonial and postcolonial literature in English Annalisa Pes
Angelo Righetti
Susanna Zinato
A study of a the theme of shame that, due to the in-human staged in the colonial theatre and perpetrated till nowadays in new versions after decolonization, has been running through decades of colonial/postcolonial literature in English.The study, which avails itself of contributions from international scholars,involves reflections both on 'white' shame, i.e. the shame of the masters/colonizers and their 'tainted' descendants,as well of the shame of the colonized, originating in the power politics exerted on their bodies and minds. The relationship between shame and literary writing is a parallel theme that demands reflection. No need to underline the urgency of this theme, as witnessed every day by the refugees and asylum-seekers running for their bare lives to Europe- a 'boomerang invasion'.
Walter Scott e il romanzo storico Carla Sassi
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Cultural Studies and Mentalities standard compliant  BSO
corpo e tecnologia Yvonne Bezrucka
Diaspora studies Carla Sassi
Jacobite culture Lisanna Calvi
Jacobite culture and literature in Britain; the political and devotional writings of James II Stuart.
Literature and Fashion studies Chiara Battisti
The methodological approach of "Literature and fashion studies" analyses fashion’s mythic dimension and suggests that fashion is a language in itself. The methodological tools offered by fashion studies will be applied to the analysis of different novels in order to explore the impact and meaning of fashion in past and contemporary culture, and to investigate how fashion’s mythologies are constructed and disseminated through fictional texts. It will also examine how fashion, as a form of fiction, can be said to constitute a “power technology”: fashion can consort with hegemonic norms as a regulating force that can incite conformity, but sometimes resistance as well.
Memory Studies Carla Sassi
Postcolonial theory Carla Sassi
regionalismo critico Yvonne Bezrucka
Slavery studies Carla Sassi
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Cultural Studies: Colonialism/Colonial Discourse standard compliant  BSO
Caribbean Scottish Relations Carla Sassi
Colonial literature Annalisa Pes
Study of colonial literature in English, especially as related to the construction of colonial discourse and to the representation of Otherness.
Historiography and Literature Carla Sassi
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Film Studies standard compliant  BSO
Literary Ecocriticism Yvonne Bezrucka
Literary Ecocriticism examines the way literary texts embody ecological concerns in order to pursue an ecological awareness and to envisage ecologically conscious societies, societies that are sustainable, viable and ecologically minded
Filmic adaptations and novels Chiara Battisti
This approach places strong emphasis on the process of adaptation of literary texts to filmic format, with particular attention to the ways in which narrative is rendered. The literary analysis of the texts is integrated with a critical visual analysis in order to explore how the formal properties of texts can be applied to and transformed into new visual formats.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Geographical-Cultural Areas: Scotland standard compliant  BSO
Post-Union Scottish Literature Carla Sassi
Scottish literature between 1707 and the present day.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Historical period codes: 1500-1600 standard compliant  BSO
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester Susanna Zinato
Da definire
Rhetoric in Restoration England Susanna Zinato
A study of the fate met by the discipline of rhetoric in Restoration England: demonized by the new episteme of the official culture but alive and kicking in the libertine or sex- comedy, as well as in the 'fringe' culture still imbued with the heritage of republicanism.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Historical period codes: 1880-1918 standard compliant  BSO
Modernism and nationalism Carla Sassi
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Historical period codes: 1918-1960 standard compliant  BSO
Scottish Literary Renaissance (1920-50) Carla Sassi
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Literature (General): Comparative literature standard compliant  BSO
Classical and Early Modern Theatre: intersections Silvia Bigliazzi
The reinterpretation of Greek and Latin models in European Renaissance theatre, with a focus on English drama.
Languages of literature: between New Formalism and Philosophy and Performance Silvia Bigliazzi
New critical tendencies after post-structuralism and cultural studies: from New Formalism to Philosophy and Performance.
Intersections between naratology and semiotics of theatre Silvia Bigliazzi
The relation between narratives and dramatic dialogues, written report and performed action: narratological and semiotic approaches.
Diegetic and mimetic intertextuality in Renaissance Europe Silvia Bigliazzi
The narrative transmission and circulation of theatergrams from Europe to England in the Renaissance.
Australian Literature Annalisa Pes
Research in the field of Australian literature include: studies on the short story, studies on women's writing, studies on Patrick White.
Migration literature Annalisa Pes
Susanna Zinato
Uno studio che intende inserirsi in un'offerta didattica comparata di perfezionamento post-laurea, affrontando testi in lingua inglese di autori migranti che testimoniano, riuscendo a dare ad essa una rappresentazione artisticamente compiuta, l'esperienza -esistenziale e politica - della migrazione.
Renaissance sonnet-writing and metaphysical poetry Silvia Bigliazzi
English poetry between the end of the fifteenth century and the early seventeenth century, with special regard to the sonnet within its European context, and to John Donne's experimental poetry.
Translation for the theatre Silvia Bigliazzi
Translation studies applied to theatre.
Voco-visuality and interart studies Silvia Bigliazzi
The relation between the arts in the Renaissance and in Anglo-American modernism.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Religious works standard compliant  BSO
Early Modern Autobiography and Madness Lisanna Calvi
The relationship between autobiography and madness in early modern Protestant culture, with regard to the notions of religious melancholy and 'affliction of conscience' in seventeenth-century English autobiographical writings, conversion narratives and diaries, also in the light of the dawning tradition of spiritual autobiography.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Science Fiction / Literature & Science standard compliant  BSO
Bioethics, Biolaw and Literature Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
Bioethics and biolaw are two philosophical approaches that address social tensions and conflicts caused by emerging bioscientific and biomedical research and their application. Literature deals with this topics especially in contemporary production.
Darwin e la letteratura Yvonne Bezrucka
Literature and medicine Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
The interdisciplinary study of literature and medicine highlights the constant dialogue between literature and society. What is the importance of literature to the field of medicine? The most relevant aspect in this study is the possibility of a cultural interpretation of medicine that examines how literature can contribute both to the philosophy of medicine and to medical practice.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Shakespeare standard compliant  BSO
Shakespearean philology and textual criticism Silvia Bigliazzi
Textual criticism with special regard to Shakespeare's good and bad quartos.
Shakespeare and the law Valentina Adami
Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
There is a flourishing production on Shakespeare featuring legal problems in the last twenty years. The Law and Literature movement, born in the United States, has given rise to an endelss re-interpretation of Shakespearean texts according to the many legal elements he discusses about.
Shakespeare in 19th-century Italy Lisanna Calvi
Shakespeare on the Italian nineteenth-century stage, with special regards to Ernesto Rossi's roles and performances.
Shakespeare in the twentieth century Silvia Bigliazzi
Shakespeare's reception and appropriation in the twentieth century.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Stylistics standard compliant  BSO
The stylistics and rhetoric of the postcolonial roman fou (J. Frame, B. Head) Susanna Zinato
Study of the postcolonial roman fou in English, namely from New-Zealand (Janet Frame) and from South Africa (Bessie Head) through the tools provided by stylistcs and rhetoric, with a strong attention to the cultural-political-historical contexts evoked by the texts under analysis.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Theatre standard compliant  BSO
The concept of power in the Renaissance Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
The link between words and images is at the basis of the semiotic texture of any culture. This theory can be explored by analyzing the connection between legal words and images in the representation of power in the Renaissance.
Restoration Tragic Theatre Lisanna Calvi
Restoration tragedy and early eighteenth-century tragedy (John Dryden, Thomas Otway, Nathaniel Lee, Nicholas Rowe), with special regard to the representation of kingship. Shakespearean adaptations.
Literature and the Performing Arts Sidia Fiorato
The relationship between literature and the performing arts underlines is one of complementarity and interprets literary texts according to a multimodal perspective. The contemporary period presents original adaptations in this sense and creates a fruitful dialogue between these two artistic expressions that enriches the critical perspective on the cultural works under consideration.
ENGLISH LITERATURE - Visual Arts & Image Studies standard compliant  BSO
Iconology of the law in Literature Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
The project investigates the link between law, literature and the image. It aims to explore how the study of law and literature can be enhanced by a critical study of iconology.
Literature and the Visual Arts Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Daniela Carpi
Sidia Fiorato
The study of literature and visual arts is linked to the deep connection between words and images, telling and seeing. The visual aspects of literature, as well as the mutual illuminations of the two expressive modes, are related to the rhetorical and stylistic choices of authors.
Literature and dance Sidia Fiorato
Literature and dance are two different artistic expression which differentiate themselves through their expressine medium, but which often enter into an interdisciplinary dialogue and establish a fruitful complementarity in their interpretation and revision of literary tradition. In particular, the ballets based on the Shakespearean texts represent original adaptations which create the atmosphere and introduce the main issues of the epoch.
retorica visuale Yvonne Bezrucka
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Law and Literature perspectives Questo gruppo di ricerca si occupa dell'analisi interdisciplinare del rapporto tra diritto e letteratura www.aidel.it
Skenè Ricerche interdisciplinari sul teatro www.skenejournal.it
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
18th-c., 19th-c., 20th-c., 21st-c. literature and writing Yvonne Bezrucka 10/3/13 96
Aesthetics and Literature Yvonne Bezrucka 10/1/13 96
Allegoria, simbolo e mito in Novalis. Massimo Salgaro null 7/3/02 48
‘All things changed to the contrary’. Comic-Tragic Contiguities in the Verona Plays. Silvia Bigliazzi null, null 1/1/15 24
Analisi del concetto di Equità in ambito letterario e legale Daniela Carpi null 10/1/04 12
Appropriazione estetico-culturale delle culture "altre" Yvonne Bezrucka null 6/30/02 24
Auto/Biography in English 1680-2000 Angelo Righetti 7/1/06 18
Beyond postmodernism Daniela Carpi, Chiara Battisti, Sidia Fiorato, Valentina Adami 1/1/17 48
Bioetica, biodiritto e letteratura Daniela Carpi MIUR - PRIN 5/24/09 36
Bioetica e Biodiritto nella letteratura e cultura inglese Daniela Carpi 1/1/14 60
Bioetica e biodiritto nella letteratura inglese Daniela Carpi MIUR - PRIN 10/30/07 24
Caribbean-Scottish Passages: representations of colonial relations in Scottish literature Carla Sassi Enti vari 2/1/08 6
Classical and Early Modern Intersections: Sophocles and Shakespeare Guido Avezzu', Silvia Bigliazzi 10/1/17 12
Classical Models in Early Modern Theatre. Silvia Bigliazzi null 1/1/15 48
Colonialismi/postcolonialismi: incroci di sguardi Susanna Zinato 10/1/14 38
“Copied from the age”. The Use of Rape on the Eighteenth-Century Stage Lisanna Calvi 10/1/16 6
Corpo, identità e potere nella letteratura e cultura inglese Sidia Fiorato 3/1/12 36
Crisis and reconciliation in Romeo and Juliet Silvia Bigliazzi 1/1/13 12
Critica, letteratura e traduttologia Silvia Bigliazzi 1/1/14 60
Darwinism and Literature Yvonne Bezrucka 1/1/13 24
Diritto e religione nella letteratura inglese Daniela Carpi 1/23/13 36
Dopo la mostruosità. Dal canone all’anti-canone. Daniela Carpi, Chiara Battisti, Sidia Fiorato, Valentina Adami 3/1/17 48
"Equità": intersezioni letterarie e legali Daniela Carpi 5/24/08 36
Fables of the Law Daniela Carpi, Chiara Battisti, Sidia Fiorato 9/30/14 48
Fashion Studies in English Literature Chiara Battisti 1/23/13 36
Follia e autobiografia nell’Inghilterra del Seicento Lisanna Calvi 6/1/12 12
Food as Culture Daniela Carpi, Chiara Battisti, Sidia Fiorato 5/1/14 48
For a Re-vision of the Scottish Renaissance/Scottish Modernism Carla Sassi null 1/1/04 24
Fra Legge ed Equità: il concetto di equità nella legge e nella letteratura inglese (2005) Daniela Carpi Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca, MIUR - PRIN 1/1/05 24
Giornate particolari: il genere diaristico Bianca Grazia Tarozzi null 9/1/05 24
Glocalizing Scottish studies: defining new paradigms and methodologies Carla Sassi null 8/1/12 36
Il concetto di persona legale in letteratura inglese e diritto Daniela Carpi MIUR - PRIN 2/13/09 24
Il concetto di potere nel Rinascimento Daniela Carpi 5/24/09 24
Il contratto retorico del libertino: un'analisi di stile nella commedia di John Vanbrugh Susanna Zinato null 6/30/02 36
Il diritto patrimoniale nel Rinascimento inglese: il problema dei passaggi di proprietà nella "city comedies" di Thomas Middleton Daniela Carpi null 6/30/02 24
Il Piacere del Male. Le rappresentazioni letterarie di un’antinomia morale Silvia Bigliazzi 10/1/12 26
“Is there a ‘literary’ text in this class?”. Letteratura, cultura ed ermeneutica nell’anglistica contemporanea. Silvia Bigliazzi 6PQ VALUTATO POSITIVAMENTE 1/27/10 24
Italian Landscapes Rita Severi 11/1/15 36
James Leslie Mitchell/”Lewis Grassic Gibbon”: a modernist from the margins Carla Sassi null 5/1/04 24
James Leslie Mitchell/”Lewis Grassic Gibbon”: a modernist from the margins (continuazione, anno 2005) Carla Sassi null 5/1/05 12
Kingship, Tyranny, and Power Guido Avezzu', Silvia Bigliazzi 6/1/16 36
La malattia nella letteratura tedesca Walter Busch Bernard, Isolde Schiffermuller 5/30/10 24
La narrativa breve di Vance Palmer: 1915-1934 Angelo Righetti null 6/30/02 12
La short story australiana al femminile tra Otto e Novecento Annalisa Pes null 10/1/05 12
La short story australiana "al femminile" tra Otto e Novecento (1845-1944) Annalisa Pes null 10/1/03 12
La short story australiana "al femminile" tra Otto e Novecento (1845-1944) (continuazione, anno 2004) Annalisa Pes null 10/1/04 12
La traduzione teatrale Paola Ambrosi, Peter Erwin Kofler, Silvia Bigliazzi 9/30/10 36
Law and Literature in Diaspora Studies Daniela Carpi 1/23/13 60
Le immagini del diritto nella letteratura inglese e nelle arti Daniela Carpi PRIN VALUTATO POSITIVAMENTE 5/26/10 24
Letteratura e arti visive Daniela Carpi 5/24/07 48
Letteratura e danza: dal testo alla coreografia Sidia Fiorato 5/24/10 48
Letteratura e fashion studies Chiara Battisti 5/24/10 24
Lezioni di critica: tradurre Nabokov Susanna Zinato 1/1/14 54
L'industria al servizio della storiografia. Perfezionamento delle tecnologie OCR per il text mining di documenti storici Massimo Salgaro Regione Veneto FSE 6/27/17 12
L'influsso di Platone sulla letteratura inglese del XX secolo - Mary Renault e la letteratura della contrapposizione platonica fra oralità e scrittura Daniela Carpi null 9/1/03 18
L’istruttoria di Peter Weiss: Teoria e prassi della traduzione teatrale Massimo Salgaro 1/1/13 48
Lo spazio autobiografico nella letteratura coloniale e post-coloniale del Novecento: Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Sud Africa, Carabi. Angelo Righetti null 10/1/05 24
Madness in postcolonial fiction in English Susanna Zinato, Annalisa Pes 6/1/11 20
Malattia e cura nel Cinque-Seicento inglese: intersezioni discorsive e testuali. Silvia Bigliazzi Fondazione Cariverona 12/1/10 12
Marginal genre/marginal gender: Australian women writers and the short story Annalisa Pes 7/1/13 18
Medicina e bioetica nella letteratura inglese contemporanea Daniela Carpi Fondazione Cariverona 1/1/10 12
Memoria e rappresentazione della Seconda guerra mondiale nella letteratura tedesca (1945-2009) Massimo Salgaro 6PQ VALUTATO POSITIVAMENTE 2/20/09 36
Mobility and Internationalization Yvonne Bezrucka 9/1/13 96
Neuroestetica della letteratura Massimo Salgaro 1/1/07 12
Oltre il "social realism": il racconto australiano dagli anni Trenta agli anni Settanta del Novecento, fra tradizione lawsoniana e sperimentalismo Angelo Righetti null 10/1/03 24
Oltre il "social realism": il racconto australiano dagli anni Trenta agli anni Settanta del Novecento, fra tradizione lawsoniana, innovazione e sperimentalismo Angelo Righetti null 10/1/04 12
Oswald Wiener: La letteratura e l'intelligenza artificiale Massimo Salgaro null 10/1/05 24
‘Over the water’: giacobitismo e giacobiti alla corte di St-Germain-en-Laye Lisanna Calvi 5/1/13 6
Patrick White and the Mediterranean Annalisa Pes 2/15/15 24
Percorsi Intertestuali Susanna Zinato, Annalisa Pes 1/1/12 24
Post-Union Scottish literature: issues of canon formation, identity and belonging Carla Sassi 8/2/15 36
Potere sul corpo e corpo del potere nella letteratura e cultura anglofona Chiara Battisti 6PQ VALUTATO POSITIVAMENTE, MIUR - FIRB 12/22/10 48
Prospettive legali nel teatro elisabettiano Daniela Carpi 5/24/10 48
Raccontare la guerra. I modi della letteratura Annalisa Pes 1/1/15 12
Rappresentazioni del potere in diritto e letteratura Daniela Carpi 1/1/14 60
Reading/Mis-reading Jane Eyre dal testo al film Chiara Battisti 10/1/05 12
Reading/Mis-reading Jane Eyre dal testo al film (continuazione, anno 2005) Chiara Battisti null 10/1/05 12
Retorica e ideologia del paradosso nel Rinascimento inglese Silvia Bigliazzi 10/1/12 56
Robert Musil e Josef Nadler: confronto e scontro sulla "Nationalliteratur" Bianca Cetti Marinoni null 2/1/04 36
Robert Musil chief editor of the “Journal of the soldiers” from the perspective of the Digital Humanities Massimo Salgaro 2/3/17 24
Scenario: Entertainment and Literature 1910-1930 Rita Severi null 1/1/16 36
Scene retoriche nell'Inghilterra del secondo Seicento Susanna Zinato 10/18/15 36
Scotland and Science Fiction Carla Sassi 1/1/10 6
SENS: Shakespeare’s Narrative Sources: Italian novellas and their European dissemination. Silvia Bigliazzi null, null 1/1/14 36
Shakespeare a Muse for Europe?: Renaissance / Reformation, Revolution / Romanticism and War Silvia Bigliazzi 1/1/13 48
Shakespeare and Crisis. An Italian Narrative. Silvia Bigliazzi null, null 1/1/14 60
Shakespeare and the law Daniela Carpi, Chiara Battisti, Sidia Fiorato 1/1/15 60
Shakespeare: Authorship, Quartos and the Canon Silvia Bigliazzi null 1/1/14 48
Shakespeare e la legge Daniela Carpi 5/24/10 36
Shakespeare in performance Silvia Bigliazzi 1/1/17 48
Shakespeare on the nineteenth-century Italian stage Lisanna Calvi null 1/1/15 48
Shame in colonial and postcolonial literature in English Susanna Zinato, Annalisa Pes 6/15/16 30
Staging Shakespeare's Bodies Sidia Fiorato 10/1/16 36
The construction of modernity and Restoration drama: tradition and experiment Susanna Zinato 1/1/09 20
The early modern book: textual and digital philology Silvia Bigliazzi 1/1/15 48
Theory and practice of the short story: Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Angelo Righetti 1/1/04 18
The representation of madness by Australian women writers Annalisa Pes 10/1/15 24
Translation in Performance Paola Ambrosi, Peter Erwin Kofler, Silvia Bigliazzi null 1/1/10 48
"Unsettled and unsettling identities": una rilettura della tradizione letteraria scozzese dal 1707 ad oggi Carla Sassi null 6/30/02 10
U. von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, "What is an Attic tragedy?" Lisanna Calvi, Stefan Rabanus, Gherardo Ugolini null 1/1/15 12


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