Chiara Battisti
Associate Professor
Yvonne Bezrucka
Full Professor
Lisanna Calvi
Assistant Professor
Sidia Fiorato
Associate Professor
Topic People Description
The concept of power in the Renaissance Chiara Battisti
Yvonne Bezrucka
Sidia Fiorato
The link between words and images is at the basis of the semiotic texture of any culture. This theory can be explored by analyzing the connection between legal words and images in the representation of power in the Renaissance.
Restoration Tragic Theatre Lisanna Calvi
Restoration tragedy and early eighteenth-century tragedy (John Dryden, Thomas Otway, Nathaniel Lee, Nicholas Rowe), with special regard to the representation of kingship. Shakespearean adaptations.
Literature and the Performing Arts Sidia Fiorato
The relationship between literature and the performing arts underlines is one of complementarity and interprets literary texts according to a multimodal perspective. The contemporary period presents original adaptations in this sense and creates a fruitful dialogue between these two artistic expressions that enriches the critical perspective on the cultural works under consideration.


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