Literature (General): Comparative literature

Silvia Bigliazzi
Full Professor
Annalisa Pes
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Classical and Early Modern Theatre: intersections Silvia Bigliazzi
The reinterpretation of Greek and Latin models in European Renaissance theatre, with a focus on English drama.
Languages of literature: between New Formalism and Philosophy and Performance Silvia Bigliazzi
New critical tendencies after post-structuralism and cultural studies: from New Formalism to Philosophy and Performance.
Intersections between naratology and semiotics of theatre Silvia Bigliazzi
The relation between narratives and dramatic dialogues, written report and performed action: narratological and semiotic approaches.
Diegetic and mimetic intertextuality in Renaissance Europe Silvia Bigliazzi
The narrative transmission and circulation of theatergrams from Europe to England in the Renaissance.
Australian Literature Annalisa Pes
Research in the field of Australian literature include: studies on the short story, studies on women's writing, studies on Patrick White.
Renaissance sonnet-writing and metaphysical poetry Silvia Bigliazzi
English poetry between the end of the fifteenth century and the early seventeenth century, with special regard to the sonnet within its European context, and to John Donne's experimental poetry.
Translation for the theatre Silvia Bigliazzi
Translation studies applied to theatre.
Voco-visuality and interart studies Silvia Bigliazzi
The relation between the arts in the Renaissance and in Anglo-American modernism.


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