Teaching strategies

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers courses for the study of the following languages: Chinese, French, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Brazilian-Portuguese and Catalan. The language courses are matched with and enriched by the study of their respective literatures and cultures.
Special prominence is given to the study of the linguistic changes, of the cultural disseminations and of the literary production that these languages have produced and are still producing, in and outside Europe.
Specifically, the programmes cover the following domains of interest:

  • Varieties of the French language; literatures and cultures of the French-speaking countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America
  • Languages, literatures and cultures of the Anglophone countries: English, Anglo-American and Postcolonial cultures
  • Slavic languages, literatures and cultures
  • Languages, literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries: Spanish and Hispano-american
  • Varieties of the German language; German and Mitteleuropean cultures; German and Austrian literatures
  • Chinese language, literature, culture, and society.

The Department covers the three levels of academic training. The three bachelor’s degree and two master’s degree programmes are highly qualified and directly oriented to the world of work:

From the academic year 2016/2017 a Double Degree Programme for the Master in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures is also offered.

Higher education

The Department also includes a Ph.D. programme in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, which aims to provide scientific-academic preparation. In the learning activity of all degree programmes and particularly in the PhD programme, colleagues from European and non-European international universities are regularly involved to complement and further deepen the scientific specificity and professionalization of the courses offered.

Every year, a range of Professional Development Courses are also offered.

Since the academic year 2014-2015, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has been overlooking scientifically the BA in Translation run by Fondazione Università Mantova.

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