Research strategies
The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures stands out for its excellence in research and its high level of internationalisation.
Research within the department encourages individual studies as well as interdisciplinary studies, stimulating the sharing of academic results with other universities and institutions and cultivating numerous collaborations, both in Europe and further afield through international agreements, visiting professors and other initiatives. Department staff are actively involved in research in the following areas:
  •  English and English-language literature
  •  French and francophone literature
  •  Iberian and Hispanic-American literature
  •  Comparative Russian and Slavic literature
  •  German and Austrian literature
  •  Anglo-American language and literature
  • Chinese language and Literature
  • French language and linguistics
  • English language and linguistics
  • Russian language and linguistics
  • Spanish language and linguistics
  • German language and linguistics
  • Chinese language and Literature
  • Slavic philology
  • Germanic philology
  • Chinese language and Literature
The Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of University and Research Systems (ANVUR) recently released the data regarding its Research Quality Evaluation (VQR) for the years 2011-2014.
Based on the results of the Evaluation Expert Group for Area 10 (ancient, philological, literary, historical and artistic studies), the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Verona ranks third in Italy among medium-sized departments and second overall among language and literature-related departments.
As a testimony of the quality of research produced by the Department, 75% of its output has been evaluated as “excellent” or “very good”.

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