Department of Foreign Languages and Literature administration office

IMPORTANT: the Department Administration Office does not handle matters concerning teaching or student records. For information about lectures/modules, please go to

The Department Administration Office handles the department’s administration, accounting and finance matters. Specifically, it is involved in:
• Carrying out the general tasks related to accounting and financial management;
• Completing relevant tax, social security and insurance procedures;
• Preparing compulsory financial statements and balance sheets;
• Managing incoming finances (university funding for ordinary operations, academic research funding from the MIUR and/or other public or private entities, including from contracts or agreements);
• Managing outgoing expenses for maintenance and ordinary operations as well as for investments, equipment and furnishings and for academic research; this includes making orders to external companies, signing independent employment contracts, ancillary payments to staff, etc.);
• Preparing files and providing support for the Department Director and governing bodies (Board and Council).
• Acting as an intermediary between staff, central administration and external entities, providing relevant notices and instructions.
Laura Scappini
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