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Date Seminar Seminar series
3/29/23 From the screenplay to the movie and back: Tarantino’s manipulation of history through adaptation
Timetable: h 17:00  Aula Co-Working | Speaker: Enrico Botta (Università di Verona)
3/29/23 Ciclo di seminari "Multilingualism in Medieval and Early Modern England" (Prof. Louise Sylvester)
Timetable: h 10:00  Inizio seminari 29 marzo | Speaker: Louise Sylvester (University of Westminster)
3/25/23 Giornata di Studi, « Ce coin de terre » Teresa Charles écrivaine, entre modernité et tradition
Timetable: h 09:00  Aoste, Bibliothèque régionale Bruno Salvadori | Speaker: Vari relatori
Tot 3 Seminars