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Graduate School Arts and Humanities

The PhD School of Arts and Humanities consists of the following four programmes, covering most of the relevant subject areas: PhD in Philology, Literature and Performance Studies; PhD in Foreign Literatures, Languages and Linguistics; PhD in Human Sciences; Joint PhD in Arts and Archaeology (in collaboration with the University of Gent, Belgium).

The School aims to promote advanced training in research methods in the Humanities, by pursuing the following objectives:
1) to achieve interaction between different subject areas through training activities aimed at developing methodological competencies, seminars with the most relevant international experts in each field of study and leading cultural figures.
2) to develop internationalisation strategies at every level. This will be achieved by ensuring teaching committees are open to European and Non-European academics; providing PhD students with international mobility programmes, funded by the School also for long-term periods; supporting the application by international students in the PhD calls for applications; stipulating exchange and thesis co-tutoring agreements with the main international universities.
3) to acquire competencies in the research management and in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, as well as in the promotion of the cultural heritage in order to foster employment opportunities for those who have been awarded a PhD at the University of Verona.