SCS - Shakespeare's Classical Sources

Starting date
June 1, 2018
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Managers or local contacts
Bigliazzi Silvia
Shakespeare, Classical heritage, source study

Closely connected with other projects on source and reception studies, such as SENS (, Classical and Early Modern English Drama ( and ISS - Intercultural Shakespeare Studies (, SCS explores Shakespeare's ‘debts’ to ancient Greek and Latin literature, often concealed under plural and often non-dramatic mediations. The project includes the setting up of a relational database.

Project participants

Guido Avezzu'
Silvia Bigliazzi
Full Professor
Francesco Dall'Olio
Scholarship holder
Marco Duranti
Scholarship holder
Francesco Lupi
Temporary Professor
Emanuel Stelzer
Temporary Assistant Professor
Gherardo Ugolini
Associate Professor
Roberta Zanoni

Collaboratori esterni

Susan Payne
già Università di Firenze Professore Ordinario di Letteratura inglese


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