PRIN 2017: Classical Receptions in Early Modern English Drama

Starting date
May 1, 2019
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Managers or local contacts
Bigliazzi Silvia
Classical reception, Early modern English Theatre, Shakespeare

The project explores the reception of classical literature in 16th- and early 17th-century English theatre. It offers the first comprehensive study of the dissemination of classical Greek and Latin texts and of their vernacular mediations with special reference to their circulation in early modern England, and, in particular, within the Elizabethan and Jacobean Court. It also explores some aspects of the development of the English language under the impact of Latin. The project will produce critical studies on this topic, and will include the setting up of two digital relational open-access databases (GEMS – Greek and Latin Drama on the Early Modern English Stage; and EMEC – Early Modern English Choruses) devoted to a textual and intertextual exploration of classical drama and its appropriated forms in English plays. It will also provide an archive of English and Latin grammars published in England in the same period (EMEGA – Early Modern English Grammars Archive). The three archives will supply innovative research tools alternative to traditional repositories. They will offer critical editions and electronic resources for a textual comparison of a corpus currently not entirely and freely available either online or in print form.

Prof. Silvia Bigliazzi (PI - Verona)

(Prof. Guido Avezzù, Prof. Gherardo Ugolini, Dr Emanuel Stelzer, Dr Angelica Vedelago, Dr Francesco Dall’Olio)
Unità di ricerca (coordinatori)
Aosta (Prof. Carlo Maria Bajetta)
Genova (Dr Domenico Lovascio)
Pisa (Prof. Alessandro Grilli)


Project participants

Guido Avezzu'
Silvia Bigliazzi
Full Professor
Francesco Dall'Olio
Emanuel Stelzer
Temporary Assistant Professor
Gherardo Ugolini
Associate Professor
Angelica Vedelago


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