Shakespeare on the nineteenth-century Italian stage

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January 1, 2015
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Foreign Languages and Literatures
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Calvi Lisanna

The project focuses on the Italian stage reception of Shakespeare in Italy in the nineteenth century. Fashionable as they might have been as opera subjects, Shakespeare’s dramas did not prove successful on the stage until the 1850s when the ‘great actors’, that is, the generation of Italian actor-managers who dominated the national stage in the second half of the nineteenth century, made of Shakespearean roles their pièces de résistance. Adelaide Ristori, Tommaso Salvini, Ernesto Rossi, and, towards the end of the century, also Giovanni Emanuel and Eleonora Duse, successfully built their careers on the Bard’s plays which were often severely cut and ‘tailored’ to the taste and skills of the actors. The research will especially concentrate on the Shakespearean productions mounted by Ernesto Rossi (1827-1896).

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FUR Calvi € 2.500


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Lisanna Calvi
Associate Professor
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Letteratura inglese e letterature anglofone
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"Shakespeare in 19th-century Italy : Ernesto Rossi’s Romeo and Juliet." Calvi, Lisanna 2014


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