The construction of modernity and Restoration drama: tradition and experiment

Starting date
January 1, 2009
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Zinato Susanna
'modernity', 'theatre', 'authority'

The project aims at hilighting how Restoration drama can be seen as a shaping discourse in the construction of modernity through its questioning of authority and of agency, thus denying oblivion of the mid-century experience of radical questioning.

Project participants

Silvia Bigliazzi
Full Professor
Lisanna Calvi
Associate Professor
Annalisa Pes
Associate Professor
Angelo Righetti
Research Assistants
Susanna Zinato
Associate Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Janet Todd
University of Aberdeen Professor of English
Marisa Sestito
Università di Udine Professore Ordinario di Letteratura Inglese
Francesca Scalinci
Università di Verona cultore della materia
Gianni Tomiotti
Università di Verona assegnista di ricerca post-dottorato
Robert Markley
University of Illinois Professor of English
Research areas involved in the project
Letteratura inglese e letterature anglofone
Title Authors Year
A Restoration Drama at the Antipodes: George Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer in Thomas Keneally's The Playmaker Pes, Annalisa 2010
Arranging Res and Things in Restoration Times: Wilkins's Noah's Ark Sabotaged on the Comic Stage Zinato, Susanna 2010
Rehearsals of the Modern: experience and experiment in Restoration drama. Zinato, Susanna 2010
Rhetorica non grata nell'Inghilterra della Restaurazione: alcune considerazioni Zinato, Susanna 2010


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