Spanish literature 2 LM. Critical methodologies and textual interpretation (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

The main learning outcome of the course is to provide students with a specialized and comparative knowledge of Spanish literature, of critical methodologies and textual analysis. Acquired competence and knowledge will be applied to interdisciplinary approaches, to the study of critical methodologies concerning textual reading, translation and the critical analysis of texts in Spanish, or to a high-level written production. Students will therefore acquire competences on the use of Spanish, both on the level of contents and on that of critical processes in intertextual and intercultural contexts. The aim is to prepare students for high-level professional outcomes or for further university developments, like PhD courses. Specific learning outcomes are as follows: Knowledge and understanding: at the end of the course students are expected to have acquired advanced knowledge on the history of Spanish literature and culture in its various expressions: forms, genres, and critical perspectives Applying knowledge and understanding: students will be able to apply historical and literary knowledge, as well as acquired theoretical, didactic and methodological instruments to the fields of professional research, teaching of languages and literatures, literary translation, international cooperation and cultural promotion.