English language 3. Language and translation (2017/2018)

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Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
Maria Ivana Lorenzetti
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Semester 2 dal Feb 26, 2018 al Jun 9, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

From Pragmatics to Text Translation

The course aims to provide in-depth knowledge of English pragmatics and textual analysis, drawing special attention to text typologies and the relevant characteristics of each text type, based on De Beaugrande and Dressler’s (1980) model.
The study of such linguistic perspectives is a prerequisite in order to approach the translation world.
In the second part of the course, the concepts of translation and Translation Studies will be introduced, together with an overview of the main linguistic areas that present challenges in translation from English into Italian.


The main topics covered will be:

- Conversational Implicature
- Speech Act Theory
- De Beaugrande and Dressler’s (1980) model of textual analysis;
- Text, context and co-text; text vs. non-text;
- Standards of Textuality;
- The notions of text type and genre;
- Writer, recipient and purpose of the message;
- Classification of various text types and analyses of texts;
-Introduction to Translation Studies
-Contrastive Analysis (English-Italian)

Reading List:

Huang, Yan (2006) Pragmatics, Oxford, Oxford University Press (Ch. 1; Ch.2: 23-35; 54-63; Ch.4 : 93-131)
Lakoff, Robin Tolmach (2009) “Conversational Logic” in J. Verschueren and J.Ola Ostman (eds.) Key Notions for Pragmatics, Amsterdam, John Benjamins: 102-113.
Biber Douglas (1989) “A Typology of English Texts” Linguistics 27: 3-43
De Beaugrande Robert and Wolfgang U. Dressler (1980) Introduction to Text Linguistics, London, Longman (parte: Basic Notions)
Trosborg, Anna (1997) “Text Typology: Register, Genre and Text Type”, in A. Trosborg (ed.) Text Typology and Translation, Trosborg, Anna (ed.), Amsterdam, John Benjamnins: 4-23.
Basil Hatim, 2009, "Translating text in context", in Jeremy Munday (ed.) (2009), The Routledge Companion to Translation Studies, London, Routledge (capitolo 3): 36-53.
David Katan, 2009, "Translation as intercultural communication", in Jeremy Munday (ed.) (2009), The Routledge Companion to Translation Studies, London, Routledge (capitolo 5): 74-92.
Munday, Jeremy, 2012, Introducing Translation Studies, London Routledge. (3rd edition).

Additional references will be indicated during the course. Every possible variation in the reading list will also be announced through the course website.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Munday, Jeremy Introducing Translation Studies. Theories and applications (Edizione 3) Routledge 2012 0415584892
De Beaugrande, Robert and Wofgang U. Dressler Introduction to Text Linguistics Longman 1981 0-582-55485-3
Huang, Yan Pragmatics Oxford University Press 2007 978-0-19-924368-6
Munday, Jeremy The Routledge Companion to Translation Studies Routledge 2009 0-415-39641-7

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists in a written test with questions and exercises on text analysis.

English Language Level Required

Level 4 (ALTE), C1 level.

Prerequisites: English Language 2; English Literature and Culture 2 ; C1 level of linguistic competence