Cultural Geography (2015/2016)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

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Caterina Martinelli
Caterina Martinelli
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II semestre dal Feb 22, 2016 al May 31, 2016.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims to promote a critical understanding of the role played by geo-cultural factors in the making of editorial products as well as in their circulation and reception, both in terms of content and material supports. Geographies of the book, presented through geo-historical case studies, will offer access points to acquire basic knowledge about Cultural Geography in its more recent and authoritative interpretations.


Cultural Geography:
- Different interpretations
- Epistemologies, methodologies and research methods in the "international" Cultural Geography
Cultural Geographies of the book:
- Geographies of the editorial production: the narratives, the imaginaries, the book.
- Geographies of the circulation of the editorial products: material and immaterial networks.
- Geographies of the reception of the editorial products: the role of the dominant cultural contexts and imaginaries.

Essential Readings
- Keighren I., Withers C.W.J. and Bell B. (2015) Travels into Print. Chicago and London, The University of Chicago Press. (some chapters which will be indicated during classes).
- Livingstone N.D. (2003) Putting Science in its Place. Geographies of Scientific Knowledge. Chicago and London, The University of Chicago Press. (some chapters which will be indicated during classes).
- Martinelli C. (2015) La Geografia culturale nel contesto della Geografia umana "internazionale". Verona, QuiEdit.

Further readings:
- Ogborn M. and Withers C.W.J. (2010) Geographies of the Book. Farnham and Burlington, Ashgate.

- Other bibliographic, audio e audio-video materials will be specified during classes

NB: Students non attending classes will agree the programme with the lecturer during office hours.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam: In addition to mastery of the course's contents, also exposure clarity, mastery of the geographical lexicon and syntactic and orthographic correctness will also be evaluated.