English II A (LS) (2008/2009)

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Marta Degani
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Lezioni 3 L-LIN/12-LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH II semestre Marta Degani
Competenza linguistica C2 3 L-LIN/12-LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH II semestre Marta Degani

Learning outcomes

Module: Lezioni
To introduce students to the analysis of literary/cultural texts from a pragmatic perspective thus enabling an understanding and identification of processes of meaning making. Both theory and practice will be considered.

Module: Competenza linguistica C2
C2 Mastery


Module: Lezioni
Introduction to pragmatics:
- illocutionary acts and performative hypothesis
- speech acts
- cooperative principle and conversational maxims
- ‘indirectness’
- ‘politeness’
- conversation analysis
- conceptual metaphor

- J.Mey, Pragmatics. An Introduction, (2nd ed) Blackwell, Oxford, 2002 (parts: I, II).
- G. Lakoff & Johnson M., Metaphors We Live by, (2nd ed.),University Of Chicago Press, 1980.

Students not taking the classes are recommended to inform the teacher in due time.

Module: Competenza linguistica C2

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: Lezioni
Oral exam

English language requirements
Level 5 (ALTE), C2 (Council of Europe)

Module: Competenza linguistica C2