Spanish Literature I [Commercio Internazionale] (2006/2007)

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Name of lecturer
Antonella Gallo
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
2nd semester dal Feb 26, 2007 al Jun 1, 2007.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The aim of this basic corse is to identify and analyze some of the most relevant themes and aspects of Spanish Literature produced from 1890 to 1936, with the aid of a critical methodology. Starting from the cultural and social/historical context of the time, and especially the description of the most influential literary movements of this period, lectures will focuse on three outstanding works written in these years, belonging to three different literary genres (poetry, drama and prose). Timing: 2nd semester; language of teaching: Italian/Spanish; prerequisites: none.

Assessment methods and criteria

At the end of the course, a written evaluation test will check the preparation on Part 1 of the students attending lectures. For the students who have passed this written and preliminary examination, the oral examination will concern only Part II; oral examination will be carried out in Italian but it is requested an intermediate linguistic competence in order to be able to read and translate the literary texts in programme (level B1). Students, who can’t attend lectures at the University, must refer to the programme and bibliography listed above, reminding that it is not possible to split it up in parts.