Slavic Linguistics Webinars - Spring 2024 edition

  from 3/21/24 to 5/23/24

We are happy to share the new programme of our Spring 2024 Slavic Linguistics Webinars, organized by SLiV@ (Slavistics in Verona) and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Verona.


Thursday 21 | March 2024

Applicative functions of Slavic verbal prefixes from a cross-linguistic perspective

Peter Arkadiev (University of Freiburg)


Thursday 04 | April 2024

On plural augments and complex suffixes in Russian

Ora Matushansky (CNRS)


Thursday 11 | April 2024

How many layers of (Slavic) aspect?

Stefan Milosavljević (University of Graz)


Thursday 02 | May 2024

Thinking for speaking? Verbal aspect and event processing in Russian

Christina Clasmeier (University of Münster)

Jan Patrick Zeller (University of Oldenburg)


Thursday 09 | May 2024

Intensionality and tense. An account of relative tenses in Slavic

Atle Grønn (University of Oslo)


Thursday 23 | May 2024

Sound change versus analogy in some irregular Slavic comparatives

Marek Majer (University of Łódz)

Rafał Szeptyński (Institute of Polish Language PAS)


The talks will be held in person, at the University of Verona, and on Zoom, on Thursdays at 15:45-17:15 (Rome time).


For further details please refer to the enclosed flyer.


  • pdf   flyer   (pdf, it, 323 KB, 14/03/24)