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Within the international network of GNOME research groups ( coordinated by the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, the Gnome-UniVr group carries out its research activity by focusing on two main guidelines: a) Phraseology and paremiology with a diachronic approach. Study of original historical sources of Hispanic interest, including both lexicographic and phraseographic works (repertories, glossaries, collections of sayings, maxims or idioms) and texts of other textual genres from which to extrapolate, for their subsequent examination, multi-word lexical units and forms of "repeated speech". The aim is to analyse and enhance the historical heritage of Spanish language in this field, as well as its relationship with that of Italian language, while taking into account the context of the time of writing. b) Bilingual phraseography. Study of phraseographic experiences involving Spanish and another language (including Italian and Arabic), also with the intention of putting forward proposals for the improvement of currently available phraseographic resources.
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Matteo De Beni

Matteo De Beni
Full Professor
Elisa Sartor
Associate Professor
Maria Del Carmen Navarro
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Francesca Dalle Pezze
Associate Professor
Dunia Hourani Martin
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Elena Dal Maso
Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia
Paolo Rondinelli
Collaboratore dell’Accademia della Crusca
Topic Research area
ICT in Spanish language acquisition and teachers training Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Spanish Language
Lessicografia e lessicologia Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Lexicografía y lexicología
Spanish lexicography and lexicology Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Lexicografía y lexicología
Spanish corpus linguistics Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Spanish Corpus Linguistics
History of the Spanish language Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Lingüística histórica
Translation and history of translation Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Spanish Traduccion


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