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Teaching German as a Foreign Language

The research of this group focuses on teaching German as a Foreign Language (GFL), especially for native speakers of Romance languages. The group investigates the interaction between grammatical theory and foreign language teaching with a special interest for the so-called "Felderanalyse" and for first and second level predicates. Their research also addresses the benefits of linguistic awareness and crosslinguistic comparison in foreign language learning. Further research subjects concern plural approaches to multilingual competence development. The group works in the context of the Departmental Excellence Project “DH and Teaching”.
Sabrina Bertollo
Temporary Assistant Professor
Rossella Resi
Temporary Professor
Sibilla Cantarini
Associate Professor
Alessandra Tomaselli
Full Professor
Topic Research area
Acquisition of German Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Acquisition of German - Spracherwerb / Spracherlernung (des Deutschen)
Grammar of Predicates Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Lexico-grammar – Lexikalische Grammatik
Teaching methods Lingua e linguistica tedesca
German language - Teaching methods
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Progetto di eccellenza: Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere Paolo Frassi MIUR Jan 1, 2018 60


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