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A digital bibliography of Snorri's Edda

This project aims at publishing a digital bibliography around the topic Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda (13th cent.). This is a fundamental work for the study of the Old Norse tradition, however its multifaceted nature and the fluidity of its textual tradition have strongly influenced its later reception. Although the Prose Edda was firstly meant to be a poetic treatise, a kind of a handbook for the scald-to-be, for a long time it was rather seen as a mythographical text, which had relevant consequences on both the history of its editions and on the studies of its reception. To try to organise all bibliographic material i.e. primary and secondary sources, we will create a digital annotated bibliography: this will function not only as a research tool, but also as a set of data to gain deeper insight into the history of reception of Snorri's Edda starting with its editio princeps (1665) up until now. Bibliographical entries are currently being collected in a Zotero public group library and converted into TEI (structured bibliographic citation) standards. Each entry is provided with a set of keywords and other metadata in order to facilitate further data search. The database will be collaborative and online freely accessible.
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Maria Adele Cipolla

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Maria Adele Cipolla
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