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Digital Alexanderlied (DAL)

The Digital Alexanderlied (DAL) is a scholarly editing project aimed at creating a digital edition of the three redactions of Pfaffe Lamprecht's Early Middle High German Alexanderlied (1150 ca.). This is a verse poem revolving around the deeds of Alexander the Great and it is usually considered the first German epic work with a secular subject derived from a French source text. The Alexanderlied is handed down in three redactions, that is Vorau (V, 12th cent.), Strasbourg (S, 13th cent.), and Basel (B, 15th cent.), each one bearing very different material, textual and content features. DAL will enable scholars to access a full synoptic digital edition of the V, S, and B versions together with facsimile reproductions and multi-level transcriptions of the primary sources. TEI encoding will include both material (e.g. codicological and paleographical) and textual (e.g. linguistic and content) annotation. The first phase of the project will include the publication of the Vorauer Alexander with Edition Visualization Technology (1.3).
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Maria Adele Cipolla

Anna Cappellotto
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Giulia D'Agostino
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Maria Adele Cipolla
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Alexander the Great Filologia germanica
Germanic Philology - Literature (General): Epic poetry
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German Medial
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Individual authors or works: Middle High German, ca. 1050-1450/1500


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