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Arturo Frinzi central library
Please note: As of 1 September 2021 all users of university libraries, including departmental ones, will need to have their Green Pass checked. More info: https://www.univr.it/en/info-covid .

Consultation rooms and study spaces at the University’s libraries are now open to University users only, who can access them up to the number of users allowed by social distancing measures. Visit this link for more info: https://www.univr.it/en/avviso/-/avviso/149902

The Arturo Frinzi library is housed in a former church built in 1596, dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. It was transferred to the state in 1806 and in 1987 became central library of the Humanities, Economics and Law departments. The library is dedicated to Arturo Frinzi (1875-1962), an illustrious figure on the Veronese economic and political scene who donated his own volumes to build the University of Verona.

The library is open for study and consultation every day of the week until midnight. Between the periodicals room, the reading room and the consultation room, it has almost 500 seats on three floors, all accessible by lift and equipped with free wi-fi.

Users have access to an extensive library collection consisting of more than 180,000 volumes on site and at least another 250,000 held in the Humanities, Economics and Law department libraries. The Arturo Frinzi library also has microforms and digital documents, 4000 hardcopy magazines, over 53,000 academic journals in electronic format and hundreds of major online databases, to support research and teaching in the fields of humanities, economics and law.

The Arturo Frinzi library is open to both the academic community and the public.