Details about the June 2020 written exam English Language 1

Details about the June 2020 written exam English Language 1

Dear all,

To reply to some of the most frequent requests that I have received about the exams over the past few days, here are a few details about the test itself:

1) The exam is written and has been developed with the "quiz" function on Moodle, which will be available to you once you have been enrolled in the site. (This will ONLY be possible once the enrollments have closed);

2) The question types are multiple choice and short answers, which are similar to the ones in the test simulation in the last module of this course;

3) You will NOT be able to use the separate site IPAtype which we used during the course but you can use your normal keyboard for characters that are available there and other phonetic symbols will be provided for you, on each relevant question, to copy and paste during the exam;

4) the exam lasts for ONE hour;

5) You should read ALL the instructions provided for you well in advance at the university link for students do the SEB simulation provided for you;

6) Your test will be submitted AUTOMATICALLY one hour after you have begun work on it;

7) Your webcam must be activated and switched on at ALL times during the test;

8) You may only use the PC you have chosen to access the quiz with the secure browser activated and NO OTHER device;

9) Only the students who have obtained the language requirements for this exam either from the CLA (with published results),or by external certification;

8) You may be asked to provide proof of identification during the test;

9) If you have technical difficulties during the test itself you should inform me IMMEDIATELY in the chat. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE TEST.

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Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 11:14:22 AM
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Details about the June 2020 written exam English Language 1
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