Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Humanities

The research area on "Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Humanities" investigates the development of Artificial Intelligence methodologies, techniques, and tools, and their application to support Digital Humanities studies, in particular related to Foreign Languages and Literatures. The main research streams concern the development of tools and techniques for: natural language processing and the extraction of quality knowledge from textual resources; the well-founded representation of the extracted knowledge and automated reasoning for deriving new one; the development of resources and applications according to Semantic Web and Linked Data best practices; effective information and document retrieval.
Marco Rospocher
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Artificial intelligence (see  AMC12 classification)
Artificial Intelligence Marco Rospocher
Artificial Intelligence tools and technologies
Digital Humanities Marco Rospocher
Tools and methodologies for Digital Humanties
Information Extraction Marco Rospocher
Research on tools and techniques for information extraction from text
Information Retrieval Marco Rospocher
Tools and techniques for Information Retrieval
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Marco Rospocher
Tools and techniques for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Linked Data Marco Rospocher
Research on technologies, resources and application of Linked Data
Natural Language Processing Marco Rospocher
Tools and techniques for Natural Language Processing
Semantic Web Marco Rospocher
Research on Semantic Web technologies and their application
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Progetto di eccellenza: Le Digital Humanities applicate alle lingue e letterature straniere Paolo Frassi MIUR 1/1/18 60
PHOTO2FIT: Automatic street-to-shop recommender system Marco Cristani Joint Projects - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 4/1/17 36


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