Germanic Philology

The research group on Germanic philology focuses both on research and didactic activities dedicated to medieval Germanic cultures and literatures (in particular medieval German, Scandinavian, and English languages and literatures). Contents are presented through an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, by means of text-critical methodologies, historical linguistics, rhetorical and stylistic studies. The main fields of research of the group are the following: Vernacular literatures in the Germanic Middle Ages, Paleography, Codicology and Book History from countries with a Germanic linguistic and literary tradition; Textual criticism within medieval manuscript traditions; Digital scholarly editing; Intertextuality and connections between Germanic traditions and Latin, Romance and other vernacular traditions; Text-image correlation in medieval codicology.  
Maria Adele Cipolla
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages: Old Norse. Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian standard compliant  BSO
Old Norse Philology Maria Adele Cipolla
Germanic Philology. Linguistics: Extinct ancient or medieval languages standard compliant  BSO
Filologia germanica Maria Adele Cipolla
Germanic Philology - Literature (General): Epic poetry standard compliant  BSO
Alexander the Great Maria Adele Cipolla
Old Norse Heroic Legends Maria Adele Cipolla
German Medial standard compliant  BSO
Saxo Grammaticus Maria Adele Cipolla
German Philology - Literature (General): Comparative literature standard compliant  BSO
Tristan Maria Adele Cipolla
Individual authors or works: Middle High German, ca. 1050-1450/1500 standard compliant  BSO
Wolfram von Eschenbach - Parzival Maria Adele Cipolla
West Germanic languages: Middle High German standard compliant  BSO
Middle High German Maria Adele Cipolla
Gruppi di ricerca
Name Description URL
Bibliografia digitale dell'Edda di Snorri Sturluson Bibliografia digitale dell'Edda di Snorri Sturluson (fonti primarie e secondarie) in XML/TEI.
Digital Alexanderlied (DAL) Un'edizione scientifica delle redazioni della Canzone di Alessandro (V, S, B)
TRISDE 51 Un'edizione scientifica digitale del Tristan di Gottfried von Strassburg in Monaco, Bayerische Staatsbibliotek, Cgm 51


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