Literature (General): Literary history

Laura Maria Colombo
Associate Professor
Paola Perazzolo
Assistant Professor
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History of French Literature (XVIII siècle and Tournant des Lumières) Paola Perazzolo
History of French Literature (XVIIIth century and the Tournant des Lumières), literature of French Revolution, arts de la scène (specially interplays between history, history of ideas and literature), critical editions, Isabelle de Charrière. Francophone Literature of Québec.
French and Francophone literature Laura Maria Colombo
19th Century French literature. Women’s writing, particularly in its relationship with the 19th Century canon. Marie d’Agoult; George Sand; women’s novel, in France and in the Francophone literatures; representations of feminity in literature. Relationships between literature and music and dance. Francophone literatures (Belgium, Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, Antilles). Literary translation.


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