Germanic-Romance language contact in the Southern-Central Alps

Data inizio
1 marzo 2014
Durata (mesi) 
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Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Tomaselli Alessandra
Parole chiave
Linguistic contact, Germanic-Romance Comparison, Microvariation

This project has 2 main objectives:
The first objective is to complement the description and analysis of grammatical diversity across regional languages; the second objective is to investigate the possible effects of multilingualism on grammar changes in a situation of contact between regional and standard languages
Task 1 (Objective 1)
: Systematic linguistic descriptions and theoretically informed analyses will be provided for  Germaninc Heritage languages spoken in in the Southern-Central Alps (Cimbrian varieties)

Task 2 (Objective 2): Systematic descriptions and analyses will be provided for the reciprocal effects of multilingualism on grammar changes in a germanic-Romance contact situation (linguistic domain: morpho-syntax)  

Fondi assegnati: 4500, 00 Euro + 1889,65 (ultima assegnazione) = 6389,65

Partecipanti al progetto

Birgit Alber
Professore di altro ateneo
Stefan Rabanus
Professore ordinario
Alessandra Tomaselli
Professore ordinario
Aree di ricerca coinvolte dal progetto
Lingua e linguistica tedesca
Dialectology - Dialektologie