Madness in postcolonial fiction in English

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1 giugno 2011
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Pes Annalisa , Zinato Susanna
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madness, colonization, ex-centricity

The concern with identity and belonging, with place/dis-placement is a major feature of postcolonial literature and the theme of alienation cannot but be ‘topical’ in the literatures of the countries that have experienced the cultural shock and bereavement, and the physical and psychic trauma of colonial invasion. The vocation of this project is to gauge the difference one is faced with when a postcolonial mad/ex-centric text is addressed by considering a range of writers from Southern Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, the Indian subcontinent and Asian diaspora(s). While giving contextual specifics their due, the project highlights how the theme of alienation, when perceived through the anamorphic lens of madness, is magnified and charged with an excruciatingly questioning and destabilizing power, laying bare political, as well as existential and moral urges. From the ex-centric, broadly exilic position it is the ideology and practice of colonialism that demand to be rubricated under the sign of psychopathology. More broadly, in fiction the mad character’s ex-centric vision is a continuous warning against the temptation to believe in those discourses that pass themselves off as reflecting the given, ‘natural’, order of things.

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