Elena Mattei

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Dottorato in Letterature Straniere, Lingue e Linguistica - 35° ciclo (1 ottobre 2019 - 30 settembre 2022)
PhD Candidate
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Dottorato in Letterature Straniere, Lingue e Linguistica - 35° ciclo (1 ottobre 2019 - 30 settembre 2022)

Programma di ricerca dottorato

My project in Digital Humanities focuses on carrying out a cross-disciplinary investigation into tourism boards' multimodal communication strategies through both quantitative and qualitative methods. Multimodal data was collected from Instagram accounts and official websites in order to compile different corpora. Visual corpora of tourist images were annotated manually with a tagging system built on the Grammar of Visual Design, and the occurrence of specific strategies was statistically measured. Language corpora of tourism discourse were analyzed with Corpus Linguistics tools (wordlists, keyword lists) and categorized according to Systemic Functional Linguistics frameworks (systems of Transitivity and Appraisal). Both procedures were followed by in-depth qualitative analysis. A theoretical framework connecting promotional language and imagery by means of the three metafunctions of SFL allowed for an intersemiotic analysis and the discovery of the digital genre of Instagram tourism discourse.


Supervisor: Prof. Sharon Hartle

Co-supervisor: Prof. John A. Bateman



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