8th edition of the Study Days on Chinese Linguistics - Italian Association of Chinese Linguistics (AILC)

  dal 19/06/24 al 20/06/24

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Verona, Italy, will host the 8th edition of the Study Days on Chinese Linguistics of the Italian Association of Chinese Linguistics (AILC). The conference wll take place onsite in Verona from June 19th to June 20th (dates updated), 2024.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Vittorio Tantucci, Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, as the keynote speaker.

Similar to past editions held in Venezia (2014), Milano (2015), Roma (2016), Napoli (2017), Milano (2018), Bologna-Forlì (2021), and Bergamo (2022), contributions (in English) will be in the form of 20-minute presentations (followed by a 10-minute discussion) covering various aspects of Chinese linguistics, including, but not limited to:

- Lexicon and semantics
- Syntax and morphology
- Historical linguistics
- History of linguistics
- Language teaching and language learning
- Lexicology and lexicography

Organising committee:
Michele Mannoni (michele.mannoni[at]univr.it)
Barbara Bisetto (barbara.bisetto[at]univr.it)
Marco Casentini (marco.casentini[at]univr.it)
Tan Qingqin (qingqin.tan[at]univr.it)
Sara D’Attoma (dattoma[at]unive.it)
Zeng Yun (yun.zeng[at]unive.it)

Scientific committee:
Giorgio Francesco Arcodia (giorgio.arcodia[at]unive.it)
Bianca Basciano (bianca.basciano[at]unive.it)
Barbara Bisetto (barbara.bisetto[at]univr.it)
Michele Mannoni (michele.mannoni[at]univr.it)
Luisa Maria Paternicò (lmpaternico[at]unior.it)
Chiara Romagnoli (chiara.romagnoli[at]uniroma3.it)
Carlotta Sparvoli (carlotta.sparvoli[at]unive.it)
Serena Zuccheri (serena.zuccheri[at]unibo.it)

Contact persons:
michele.mannoni[at]univr.it, barbara.bisetto[at]univr.it (For any inquiries or information, please contact both individuals).