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Enrico Botta è specializzato in letteratura statunitense. Le sue ricerche comprendono i poemi epici e i romanzi epici del XVIII e XIX secolo (Dwight, Barlow, Melville), e la letteratura del dopo Guerra civile (James, Whitman, Twain). Attualmente sta approfondendo il rapporto tra letteratura e impero durante la Reconstruction Era, e la circolazione di testi tra gli Stati Uniti e l’Italia nella seconda metà del XIX secolo.

Enrico Botta is specialized in American Literature. His research includes the 18th and 19th century epic poems and novels (Dwight, Barlow, Melville), and the literature of the post-Civil War (James, Whitman, Twain). He is currently investigating the relationship between literature and empire during the Reconstruction Era, and the circulation of texts between the United States and Italy in the second half of the 19th century.


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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Literature of the Reconstruction Ideological and textual analysis of literary works set during the Reconstruction Era Anglo-American language and literature
American or Canadian literature in English 
American epic literature Ideological and textual analysis of the epic genre and mode Anglo-American language and literature
American or Canadian literature in English