Lexicology and Lexicography – Lexikologie und Lexikographie

Maria Francesca Bonadonna
Associate Professor
Paolo Frassi
Full Professor
Giovanni Luca Tallarico
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Bilingual lexicography Giovanni Luca Tallarico
Analysis of Italian-French bilingual dictionaries, with special regard to their intercultural dimension.
Bilingual lexicography Paolo Frassi
French Lexicography Paolo Frassi
Special lexicography Maria Francesca Bonadonna
The description of the French sports vocabulary.The definition of fencing techniques.
French lexicology Giovanni Luca Tallarico
Study of lexical borrowing in French, from a diachronic and synchronic point of view.
Lexicology Paolo Frassi
Terminology Paolo Frassi
French terminology Maria Francesca Bonadonna
The lexicon of international trade. The lexical creation in the field of cryptocurrency.The terminology of fashion: diachronic and synchronic studies.Metaphor in fashion magazines. Metonymy in the formation of terms of clothing.Adjective in the terminology of renewable energies.The vocabulary of electricity since the eighteenth century.Energy glossaries.


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