Master's degree in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures

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The Master’s Degree in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures (LM 37) aims to provide students with a qualified formation, in a comparative perspective, in the fields of languages – French, English, Russian, Spanish, German – and of their respective literatures. Students will also study extra-European variants of these languages and cultures, in the interest of a wider international cooperation in the fields of formation, research, cultural enterprise. In this view, starting from a.y. 2017/2018, the Master’s Degree LM37 has opted for an internationalised structure with a teaching programme to be held wholly in English. This programme will allow students to open up to the world and will encourage non-Italian speaking students to enrol.
Starting from 2017/2018, the course has adopted a binary programme for the conferral of a double degree. This is a programme specifically oriented on a linguistic-literary base, and it is regulated by an agreement between the University of Verona and University A Coruña. At the end of this study programme students will be awarded a degree from each university and both degrees will be valid in Italy and in Spain.
The programme of training activities for the Master’s Degree in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures (LM 37) aims to specialize students in one foreign language and its respective literature (one exam of language, one of history of the language, two exams of literature, one exam of literature of European, American, or postcolonial countries), and to improve the advanced knowledge of a second linguistic area (one exam of language, one of literature, one of literature of European, American, or postcolonial countries).
In addition to courses of foreign languages and literatures, all of them taught in their respective languages (with some possible exceptions), the programme is specifically focussed on subjects characterizing its humanistic nature: philology, linguistics, literatures, and comparative studies.
The acquired competencies and abilities will be employed in interdisciplinary approaches and with historical and translinguistic perspectives. They will also be applied to the study of critical methodologies in the fields of literature, translation, critical analysis of texts in a foreign language, writing texts on an advanced level, scientific argumentation. In this way, students will become proficient in speaking a foreign language, both on the level of contents and on that of critical awareness in intertextual and intercultural contexts, also in view of high-level professional opportunities or further developments in the academic field, such as a PhD programme. 

Course details

Degree type
Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
Degree class
LM-37 - Master’s degrees in Modern European and American Languages and Literatures
Supervisory body
Teaching Committee for Foreign Languages and Literatures
Programme Director
Raffaella Bertazzoli
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Foreign Languages and Literatures Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Foreign Languages and Literatures
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Subject area
Foreign Languages and Literatures