Academic Journals

Academic Journals
Historias Fingidas

Historias Fingidas is the journal resulting from the Mambrino Project at the University of Verona. It publishes research work focused on Spanish romances of chivalry conceived as a privileged viewpoint for the study of the European novel of the ancient regime.


Iperstoria, officially acknowledged Class A Journal by ANVUR, is the journal of the departmental research group that studies a number of topics related to 1) the English language and its diachronic, diastratic, diatopic and diatypic varieties 2) American culture and literature, with a multidisciplinary approach as well.

Romanticismi. La rivista del CRIER

The journal focusses on the comparative study of the diversified European actualisations of Romanticism. Monographic issues shed light on innovative and individual aspects of these research fields.

Skenè. Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies

Peer-reviewed open-access Journal of the Skenè Research Centre. It promotes a lively debate on drama texts and theatre practices from antiquity to the present, with special attention to the intersections between classical drama and the Renaissance. The Journal also publishes three Supplement series: Skenè. Texts and Studies.

L'Universo Mondo

L’Universo Mondo is a journal sponsored by the Gruppo di Studio sul Cinquecento francese and publishes essays on French Renaissance literature. It aims to develop and promote research on 16th-century France from a European point of view, with a special focus on French-Italian relationships.
Two book series complement the journal : Sidera and Feuillages.

​Dostoevsky Studies
Dostoevsky Studies, founded in 1980 by Rudolf Neuhäuser, is the journal of the International Dostoevsky Society (IDS). It is an annual journal, totally focused on the work, life and heritage of Fyodor Dostoevsky.